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Cory will forever be in my heart
Thank you for everything, angel. You are so dearly loved and missed.
Added 1/1/13


Does anyone know how to get to the page where you activate your ask box and turn anon off/on?

I can’t find the community section when I click on customize anymore..

Anyone know?!

Please and thank you! =)

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  1. lifeandallitslies said: Go to your page at the top navigation bar, go the the right navigation panel, it says near the top “customize appearance”. It’s in there
  2. devilinred said: i think.. it’s in the settings.. the one in tumblelog
  3. ivebeengleed said: Justine bb, I love you. I swear. <3<3<3<3<3 xoxo
  4. greendalings said: When you go to your tumbleog’s page, it’ll say “settings,” and that’s where you go to turn off/on your ask box and turn off/on anon. ;)
  5. tooattachedtofictionalcharacters said: go on your tumblelog and then on settings. :)
  6. the-final-summoner said: Go to Tumblelog, then click Settings
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