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My schedule is too ridiculous and I currently have no time during these last few weeks of school + other responsibilities. Take care, everyone! <3

"By its very definition, Glee is about opening yourself up to joy."

Hello friends, I'm Justine :) This is a blog of things I love, but it's safe to say this is 90% anything Glee or Glee-cast related and 10% anything else I fancy. Chris Colfer is everything to me.

Cory will forever be in my heart
Thank you for everything, angel. You are so dearly loved and missed.
Added 1/1/13

As you’ve probably realized, this semi-hiatus has become more of an actual hiatus. I don’t think I’ll be on even during the weekends for the next few weeks because I’m  extremely busy and in the few hours I get to rest I’m exhausted. I’m giving my all to other important things right now. A complete hiatus is how you knoooooow I have a hectic schedule and I’m tired as fuck. Heheh.

I’ll probably be here again during the middle or the end of May. Somewhere around then? (Which is when I turn 20!!!!) WHAT!!!) But I do have a twitter (@_justinepaige!) and instagram (@wingardiumdelarosa!) and all that if we’re mutual friends or if you care about my life or something hahahahaha x)

Idk why I’m posting this. Just PSA? Okay byeeeee I’ll miss you all <3

Hope you’re all taking careeeee.

- Justine

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Monchele competing for the title of worst dancer


What’s a cliche? Is that a bad thing?

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